Suicide In Dark Serenity
(Undercover Records)

If you are into eerie, cold, dark and atmospheric suicide Black Metal you will probably have crossed ways with US one-man-band XASTHUR. Darker than SHINING, more ghostlike than BURZUM the band got quite a name within the underground. Having released their last albums on Southernlord Records and contributing some vocals on the last European show of SUNN0))) might have helped as well spreading the unholy name. Now this CD suprisingly is released on Germany’s Undercover Records. On the label’s website it states that the CD has previously been released (only on limited vinyl) as a MLP through Bestial Onslaught Records in 2003 – so if you are not into the good old LP format is this your chance. The songs itself are from the the years 2001 to 2002. To the five original songs (including one intro / instrumental) they added the titletrack as a rehearsal recording from the "Nocturnal Poisoning" session in its original 17 min version, remixed in 2004. Unfortunately the cover of the CD turned out a lot darker than the MLP cover but somehow it still fits. The music itself is in the typical slow and atmospheric, yet grim XASTHUR vein – no real difference to their previous works. Still, although I think there is a little hype going on about this band, I like them (or better him) for staying true to his sound and creating absolutely no childish, polished Black Metal junk of which too much is flying aroung these days. Yet I am not sure If I would buy this record (at least not if it is sold for the price of a regular CD!) but if you don’t own anything of XASTHUR yet it might be a good introduction. But if you have the chance grab their classic full-length "Telepathic With The Deceased", the aforementioned "Nocturnal Poisoning" or "To Violate The Obvious" instead and get swallowed by true dark songs from the Spirit World. http://xasthur.mercurous.net, www.undercover-records.de

Tim Klöcker

Tim Klöcker

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