Telepathic With The Deceased
(Moribund Records)

US Black Metal one-man project XASTHUR is certainly an act that polarizes people into utter worshippers and loathers, whereas I am somehow caught in between. The haunting, eerie moods and gloomy yet hateful depressiveness is capturing, unique and addictive, but the sterility caused by the drum computer and the lengthiness of most songs create a high amount of monotony that I find hard to endure over almost 60 minutes. The sole creator Malefic has a good hand for weaving together forlorn keyboard sounds, harsh guitars and tormented screams into a perpetual maelstrom that either swallows the awestruck listener or leaves him uncomprehensing and bored. "Telepathic With The Deceased" is XASTHUR’s 6th full-length (hope I counted correctly) and predecessor to the "band’s" newest effort "To Violate The Obvious" (Total Holocaust Rex) and it offers exactly what fans of XASTHUR like to hear and I tried to describe above. It’s not songs that count here, but moments in an seemingly neverending dark stream of raw Black Metal founded originally on a kind of MÜTILATION, BURZUM-like fundament but with good load of individuality and inventiveness. Fans may blindly buy this, others might try a visit of www.moribundcult.com first and check out some MP3’s and further infos…

Stefan Franke

Stefan Franke

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