Ziemie Jałowe
(Godz Ov War Productions)

Upon looking over some preliminary info to get familiar with the band, I checked out the latest release “Druga Fala”, the album artwork (amazing, by the way) and saw pictures of the band and their image. I was thinking, oh okay, a band that’s going to be sounding like MGLA or maybe GAEREA. Well, I can say that’s only partly true. What I have for you today dear readers is a re-release of their first EP with an additional (new?) song and short instrumental and with slightly adjusted album artwork. Looking at this album cover and I’m thinking, is this the same band? I press play, the first track kicks in and what I’m hearing makes me think my initial observations to be true. It’s how the EP progresses and the listening to the songs themselves, that there is a bit more to their sound than I initially assessed. Granted you do have a bit of the aforementioned bands but you also get a bit of UADA as well. Another thing I must add is they seem to have a much more predominant Post Black Metal sound with some Drone / Ambient elements. At times I am reminded of DECLINE OF THE I and also maybe a touch of later day SECRETS OF THE MOON. The most “Black” song would have to be maybe track # 5, ‘Patrzą Na Nas Tylko Satelity’, which rages for the most part but then ends in a slightly different sound that drags on a bit too long I think. Interspersed slightly throughout the tracks are some moderate clean vocals and some Drone Ambient sound flourishes. Nothing too imposing but it takes away from the more traditional Black Metal tag. The production is spot on and I like how you can hear the bass, especially on track # 2, ‘Szuflady’. Vocalist Andrew has a bit of variation to his voice as well. Overall, nothing to complain about, but just be a bit more open-minded to some of the elements the band introduces into the mix. More info you will find at:,

Will “Bones” Lee

Will "Bones" Lee

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