Promo 2002

7TH NEMESIS play modern, brutal and technical Death Metal with growl and scream vocals, does not sound too bad, huh? But what really disturbs me about this release is the clinical and almost industrial sound and the chaotic drums, absolutely awful!!! It sounds as if a brutal Death band would have been produced by DIE EINSTÜRZENDEN NEUBAUTEN. Although there are no samples, drum computer or shit like that 7TH NEMESIS sound totally sterile and cold. In addition to that I get the impression that the five individuals in 7TH NEMESIS all play alone and not together as a band, there’s no emotion, no consistence. The three songs on this promo are definitely extremely aggressive and brutal stuff, but I feel nothing when I listen to them, maybe I’m ignorant or my taste is too much old school, but I’m not convinced by this release. If anyone out there digs technical Death / Black Metal with a apocalyptic, industrial atmosphere check this out, maybe you’ll like it, I choose to go back to my cave and put on some of my old, worn out records… Contact: 7TH NEMESIS, c/o Alex Sauze, 150, Avenue Pierre Brossolette – 94170 Le Perreux, France, Email: 7thnemesis@wanadoo.fr Website: www.7thnemesis.fr.st

Stefan Franke

Stefan Franke

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