Na Zawsze Cieniem...
(Godz Ov War Productions)

Welcome to 2024! This is an interesting release for me to start my review year. I am finding myself where I need help to compare to anyone on my first playthrough. The sole member Vos is from the Polish act APATHEIA. That band I heard of in bits and pieces and their sound is more chaotic Black Metal with some dissonant notes. Here, with his solo outing, it seems he handles all instruments. I will say this is a bit of a different stroll through the forest. I read elsewhere and I agree wholeheartedly that he has a sound similar to EPISODE 13. Here there are a bit more pronounced Folk flourishes and some moments of Drone. Also, a slight touch of BURZUM as well. It has an interesting vibe as a whole, because not one song seems to stick to a typical formula. It’s Black Metal at its core, but with many different nuances. I mention the different sounds being incorporated, because some songs are quite long. Three of which are over ten minutes. The production is well done, a bit trebly for my tastes. Also, I don’t think they are, but the drums sometimes sound a bit artificial. For those who are looking for something a bit different than your standard Black Metal. If you appreciate his main band you wouldn’t go wrong giving his solo outing a try. https://absquecor.bandcamp.com, www.facebook.com/godzovwar

Will “Bones” Lee

Will "Bones" Lee

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