Only True Believers
(Agonia Records)

I was really looking forward to this album as ARMAGEDDA’s Breath Of Night debut full length "The Final War Approaching" really managed to impress me a lot! And my expectations were even surpassed with "Only True Believers"! For some strange reason it wasn’t released by Drakkar Productions (as originally anounced), but Poland’s Agonia Records. Well, I couldn’t care less as it’s of course always the quality of the music that matters and not the label that’s trying to sell it. You luckily won’t find any drastic changes in style here and as the logical result the eight new tracks exactly continue on where ARMAGEDDA left off on their first offering. Which means you once again can expect a very cool, straight ahead old school Black Metal inferno here. The band has heavily matured as songwriters though and their new material comes across a lot more devastating than ever before, while the icing on the cake is definitelys Graav’s vocals, which sound stronger than ever before! To me he’s actually one of the rare remaining people who perfectly represent what nordic Black Metal is all about! The biggest difference between "Only True Believers" and "The Final War Approaching" is probably the production which has become a lot more crushing and powerful and could only be considered as perfect for a raw Black Metal release such as this! In a way this album even makes the band’s debut sound like a demo as everything’s to be so goddamn perfect now! So, all in all this is a really big step forward for the Swedish horde and another proof of how healthy real Black Metal has become again in Scandinavia ever since the big sellout is over. Label contact:

Frank Stöver

Frank Stöver

ARMAGEDDA - The Final War Approaching (Frank Stöver)
ARMAGEDDA - interview (Frank Stöver)

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