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Coming from Spain, this is the second full length of this band of pure terror. The band name might be misleading, as for some reason it kinda sounds Power Metallish, but let me assure you that there is no Power Metal here… just pure unadulterated Death / Black / Doom Metal with a lot of distortion and hatred. It has a certain vibe similar to DARKTHRONE and BURZUM, specially the guitar tone and the high pitched vocals. Yet, it does have a very sinister atmosphere, suffocating, which reminds me to Greece’s heroes DEAD CONGREGATION. I really appreciate the sound they achieved with the guitars as it is both very heavy, yet has that early second generation high pitched sound, but not sounding thin. Maybe at times the sounds have a similar vibe, probably being the onedimensional vocals responsible for it. Maybe a bit more of variation will help in that place. Still, they are very good in composing songs and always having a sinister simple yet effective melody in hand. They do have a quite audible AUTOPSY influence in their slower parts and it is probably when they do shine more, but it is very good they also add different tempos through their songs. The quite variety of influences, the heaviness and the use of dismal melodies makes this one a quite interesting release.,

Julián “Total Nihilism” Núñez

Julián “Total Nihilism” Núñez

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