Into The Burning Pit Of Hell
(Blackseed Productions)

This is a duo from Norway which plays true underground Black Metal with a total raw and necro sound as they write in their info note to the re-release of their debut album. And this sound is my big problem with this record. Maybe I’m not the die hard underground Black Metal fan or maybe I’m too old for this. The drums rumbling through the songs with no breaks only with a little cymbal fill every 3 seconds. The guitar is a whirring. You can’t really hear out the riffs. I also think there is no bass, but who cares if you wouldn’t hear it. In the middle of the noise is something like a voice. If this is underground, ok I’m sorry, I’m a trendy. Without the intro you get 11 songs all in the same scheme. Fast blast parts without any niceties (for sure), only intermitted through some slower noise parts. The songs ‘Recrufixion’ and ‘Unholy Blood Ritual’ are slow monsters and for me more Sludge or Noisecore than Black Metal. In the end I’m sorry, this is not my cup of tea and only noise, not songs to me. But the real underground should risk an ear.,

Stefan Hagmayer

Stefan Hagmayer

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