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Started in the early 90s Poland’s BEHEMOTH developed from a classical Black Metal style – with a short period of Pagan Metal (“Grom”, ’96) – to a unique Death Metal outfit. “Demigod” offers you, like the predecessor “Zos Kia Kultus” technical Death Metal with a strong occult approach concerning the lyrics. A lot of people (including me) compare them with MORBID ANGEL because of the fact that the guitar playing always reminds one at Trey Azagthoth. On “Demigod” you will find ten tracks covering the whole variety of Death Metal – from slow (‘Mysterium Coniunctionis’) to fast (‘Slaves Shall Serve’) and also midtempo – hymns (‘The Reign Ov Shemsu-Hor’). Karl Sanders from NILE contributes on the song ‘Lux’. All songs are powerfully performed on a high technical level. The sound is effectively, which means that you can hear every instrument very transparent without losing the grip for the whole song. The screaming and shouting vocals strongly support the songs. Some bands may think it is better to concentrate on the music and to neglect lyrics and artwork. But not BEHEMOTH. The lyrics are definitely on the same level as the music and even if you are not interested in occult topics they are worth reading and fit perfectly to the music. Finally the great cover and artwork makes this output (again) to a masterpiece of modern, technical supreme Death Metal with a highly recommended occult background.

Mirco Szymyslik

Mirco Szymyslik

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