Live Eschaton - The Art Of Rebellion (+ CD)
(Metal Mind Productions)

"Apo Pantos Kako Daimonos" (from their cult song ‘Decade Of Therion’) is still a powerful incantation even if the BEHEMOTH beast has left his Pagan / Black Metal homeland over the years to conquer MORBID ANGEL territory. "Live Eschaton" was originally published in 2000 as a normal video but these days Metal Mind is re-releasing the whole package (limited to 2000 items) with a hell of special features. Naturally it’s quite clear that the DVD format is offering a lot of additional possibilities but the whole package is making the difference. The re-release is coming in a nice A5 digipak including the DVD plus the whole live concert as a normal CD. There are not so many bands which deeply impressed me with their live performance but BEHEMOTH is for sure one of the chosen few. The performed songs are not completely representative (a fact which is becoming more obvious after nine years) plus the main event – means the concert – is maybe a little bit too short (only 10 songs with a less than 50 minutes playing time) but "Live Eschaton" is still a proof for the great live abilities of this Polish monster act. The band don’t need any kind of special assistance by blood, sheep heads or naked models (like their Norwegian friends from CARPATHIAN FOREST or GORGOROTH) – they just perform their great songs with such an intensity that you can feel the earth shake (for example ‘Chant For Eschaton 2000’ or one of the cult songs ‘From The Pagan Vastlands’).The additional audio tracks are maybe included on the wrong disc – I really prefer bonus songs on the bonus CD – but they are perfectly illustrating the musical development within the band during 1992-2000. Next to the standard issues like discography and biography the DVD is offering a good picture section plus a very interesting interview with band leader Nergal. So in total a very good release for all true followers of the band since hour number one – but for younger fans of the band there are for sure more suitable / updated releases.,

Matthias Auch

Matthias Auch

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