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Wow, Polish unholy force in Metal BEHEMOTH have been going through some really impressive and fast progression lately. In fact, I still own and remember their very early demo & tape releases which weren’t too good but then managed to run into some really powerful live-shows lately which awakened some curiosity in hearing their newer releases. And what a surprise: “Thelema.6” is a fuckin’ poisonous Death (note: no Black Metal here!) Metal album that kicks ass all the way! BEHEMOTH come up with the wicked feel that only bands like MORBID ANGEL manage to create and impress the listener with excellently performed instrumental abilities, some really evil and blastin’ atmosphere overall and outstanding production and packaging as well. Songs like the opening track ‘Antichristian Phenomenon’, ‘The Act Of Rebellion’, ‘Inflamed With Rage’ (yesss!) or ‘In The Garden Of Dispersion’ are as vile and deadly as it gets in obscure music these days and despite of the huge amount of MORBID ANGEL influence I seem to discover on here, I need to say that it’s pretty obvious that BEHEMOTH are always striving for a very individual sound which becomes clearer once you listen to the last third part of the CD where the band incorporates some melodic vocal lines and very twisted songwriting ideas into their technically aggressive brand of Death fuckin’ Metal. Together with VADER the leading band of the strongly growing Polish scene of these days…

Leif Jensen

Leif Jensen

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