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Usually it’s not easy for me to get into a Black Metal mood in summer when the sun is shining and I’m sweating like a pig (are pigs sweating?). So either BESATT from Poland is one hell of a band or there is something wrong with the weather this summer. It’s both, I guess. Whenever I put on “Hellstorm” it sends me cold shivers. It’s an excellent piece of Black Metal the Norwegian style, full of rage and hate. What I really like about this album is the song writing: although (or maybe: because?) the band won’t win any prices for originality, their music drags you right in and there is no chance to escape the “Hellstorm”! Samples of thunderstorms support an atmosphere of evil forebodings: hell yes! Really nothing new but as this style isn’t too fashionable at the moment, checking out BESATT would be a good idea!

Ramon Claassen

Ramon Claassen

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