Solve Et Coagula
(Apocalyptic Productions)

For those of you that don’t know CAPILLA ARDIENTE yet, the band is one of the finest Epic Doom Metal outfits nowadays. They started their career as a duo with this excellent EP, entitled "Solve Et Coagula". It was released independently back in 2009 and right after that it has had different format re-issues. This review is for the 2018 CD edition from the also Chilean Apocalyptic Productions. The CD includes two bonus tracks: an excellent live version of ‘Into Unknown Lands’, a song off their debut album released in 2014 and ‘Waltz The Night’, an excellent cover version from the NWOBHM legends ANGEL WITCH. CAPILLA ARDIENTE has taken elements from bands such as CANDLEMASS, MERCYFUL FATE and SOLSTICE (just to name a few), added their own twist and voilá: some of the best Epic Doom Metal ever made in this continent. Sure, the influences are obvious but these guys are not inventing a new Metal genre. Yet, this EP is so damn good that before you know it, you will be hitting that repeat button again and again. Performance wise, these guys know exactly what they were doing. Felipe Plaza’s vocals are just perfect; powerful, yet dramatic and melancholic. And so is his guitar work, full of heavy riffs that drive the songs into another level. I specially like the really slow sections, with those long notes just drifting away in the sonic landscape. Claudio Botarro’s bass work is genius and provides and excellent backbone to the band, often adding also harmonic lines that help round up the overall concept. On this release, Plaza and Botarro had two session musicians: drummer Alejandro Arce and lead guitarist Quincy Hevia. Arce’s drum work is great, not only providing solid beats, but also interesting double bass patterns and tom fills. And Hevia’s leads mix intensity and melody in a perfect way! The production fits the band in a great way. Although the sound and the mix are both transparent, there is no shortage of girt and and rawness. So, the sound is impressive organic. No plastic overproduced stuff here! This is one of my fave Epic Doom Metal releases. So, all I can say is for you to go out there and get it. Specially this CD version, since the bonus tracks are well worth it! Contact the band here: and go get this CD from their label here:

Alfonso Perez

Alfonso Perez

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