Vòmito De La Tierra

EVOKADOR hail from the exotic and sunny climes of Guatemala, not the kind of place you associate with Black / Thrash but they unleash an intense 5 track EP of bestial blackened Thrash Metal mayhem which is covered in bulletbelts and firmly in league with satan. The ripping riffage is as sharp as a scythe cutting cleanly through the mix, the drumming is a whirlwind of frantic pounding and double kick destruction, the bass is devastatingly bulldozing and the vocals howl and scream forth blasphemies in spanish like a man possessed. The production is potent and powerful but unapologetically raw which just makes their aural attack sound even more savage, this is a merciless and malicious full throttle onslaught from start to finish, rarely letting up the frenetic pace in tempo. It really does sound like it could have been recorded in a basement studio back in the 80s which is most definitely a compliment. Parallels can be drawn to the likes of ABIGAIL, DEATHHAMMER, BESTIAL HOLOCAUST and suchlike. This is absolute abrasive extreme aggression with a chaotic punked up edge but Black / Thrash was never meant to sound polished, pretty or polite and EVOKADOR nail the sound of the genre tightly and crudely to an inverted cross. www.facebook.com/deathprofetics666, https://evokador.bandcamp.com

Kat “Shevil” Gillham

Kat "Shevil" Gillham

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