Dead, Rotten And Hungry
(Pulverised Records)

Here I got the second release from the Swedish band FACEBREAKER and after listening to the first seconds of “Dead, Rotten And Hungry” I already knew that I like this CD. The first song ‘Slowly Rotting’ could also doing a great job on each DISMEMBER album if you ask me. FACEBREAKER are of these bands which are doing nothing new, but they put the ingredients together in a way Death Metal fans can only like it. This is crushing Death Metal with deepest vocals possible, done by Roberth Karlsson (ex-EDGE OF SANITY and member of the mighty PAN.THY.MONIUM). What you can expect is Death Metal the Swedish way: brutal, simple and entertaining. The guitars are downtuned as deep as possible and follow the Swedish tradition bands as GRAVE, DISMEMBER or ENTOMBED implemented it. In the slower tunes FACEBREAKER have some SIX FEET UNDER moments, too, but this doesn’t worry me at all as they are adding this influence really good. At the end everything is presented with such a great sound which you don’t hear that regular this way. This CD surely kicks ass and if you like Death Metal as a mix of the above mentioned bands or enjoy the releases from bands as RIBSPREADER or EVOCATION this “Dead, Rotten And Hungry” piece of plastic is highly recommended to you! www.facebreaker.com

Thomas Ehrmann

Thomas Ehrmann

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