Thy Martyrdom Come
(Thousand Funerals Music)

Seattle, Washington based Black / Thrash Metal act FUNERAL AGE is one of the most recent positive surprises that have crossed my way over these passing months. These leather, spikes and bullets belts wearing 4 fellows have seriously recorded an album that reeks of all kinds of awesomeness. There’s 8 lengthy songs on "Thy Martyrdom Come", each song being from approx. 6 and half minutes to 8 and half minutes, containing of over 1 hour of very well performed, melodic, intense and somewhat catchy Black / Thrash Metal that also carries proudly the old school tag nicely along with the music. FUNERAL AGE have this certain melodic finesse of DISSECTION, rawness of POSSESSED and intensity of ANGELCORPSE – all of these 3 elements successfully put to use on the album in a solid way. There are really no dull moments on the "Thy Martyrdom Come" record even if one might skeptically think if your songs are about to cross 7 or 8 minute marks, you must have filled your songs up with some unnecessary crap – like lengthening them with some prolonged solos, acoustic guitar interludes or whatever really. Gladly, that’s not the case with this record though: FUNERAL AGE come and offer a harmonious package of very well flowing, totally addictive and Christ-nailing mix of Black and Thrash Metal that is a true pleasure to listen to. Occasional keyboard parts in some of the songs (like in ‘Thy Martyrdom Come’ and ‘Damnation Rain’) also add quite a lot of depth and atmosphere into the record. So, in other words say goodbye to your trendy, plastic-sounding and slick produced records, throw them out of window and place this disc into your CD-player. You won’t regret it a bit. The bloody feast has just begun… More about FUNERAL AGE can be found right here:

Luxi Lahtinen

Luxi Lahtinen

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