(Norma Evangelium Diaboli)

After releasing the two demos "Darkness" (1995) and "Havoc" (1996) and a MCD entitled "Devilry" on Shadow Records in 1998, it’s time to witness Sweden’s FUNERAL MIST going full-length for the first time. The moment I saw the sick cover of "Salvation" (two baby corpses and some sort of Jesus nailed to a cross each) I knew I was about to listen to something special and FUNERAL MIST definitely are special. While the music is cold, grim highspeed Black Metal à la MARDUK, DARK FUNERAL yet with a more intense feeling to it, the vocals sound very original, morbid and utterly possessed. Just listen to a song like ‘Holy Poison’ and you will instantly know what I am talking about. "Salvation" is extremely dark, very brutal and creates a capturing atmosphere of violence, blasphemy and demonic despair. This might sound a bit pathetic but I do not find other words to describe my listening experience. FUNERAL MIST’s "Salvation" is the absolute opposite – it is "anti-salvation", calamity, destruction and hatred. The album title is a sinister irony and a symbol for the band’s twisted views and the equivalent musical conversion of them. The sound is raw yet transparent and almost of an industrial-like coldness. There are no melodies, no harmonies, just infernal perversion and terror unleashed in more than an hour of music. Be sure to check this out, it is devastating, "Salvation" is an album you will hate but yet you will be addicted to it! Surf to to get more information about the CD and DLP release of "Salvation" and visit the band site too, because FUNERAL MIST even look as they sound.

Stefan Franke

Stefan Franke

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