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In the beginning was the word and the word was with god – a god which is for sure in a very weird way the main motivation for this Swedish Black Metal extremists. “Maranatha” is the second FUNERAL MIST opus and the sole member Arioch – alias Mortuus (yes the MARDUK one) – has worked very intensively to present in every way a brutal piece of blasphemy (especially the booklet deserves the word blasphemous with every letter). But don’t expect the next 27 minutes true Black Metal release which follows 101% the basic rules – this album is different. FUNERAL MIST are offering a more vital version with no fear of adding a kind of – based on my opinion – fresh blood to this decaying style. In some way Arioch follows the true MAYHEM (during their “Grand Declaration Of War” era) by using maybe the same sharp instruments (ambient parts, movie samples, chants but no electronic influences) but with a little more sensitiveness. So the essence is without a doubt Black Metal but it seems that the motivation is also to bring this music to another level – without fear of the consequences. I totally agree with this approach – and nevertheless the fact that a lot of people can’t accept this album due to various reasons (some things never change!) – “Maranatha” is a great piece of Swedish Black Metal – full of hate and blasphemy. I’ve received the album weeks ago and I still can’t get away from it – a very impressive and intensive release – so darkness embrace my soul once more… All further info at:,

Matthias Auch

Matthias Auch

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