(Norma Evangelium Diaboli)

The original version of “Devilry” was released back in 1998 by the small label Shadow Records and has been sold out for a long time. So the re-release of this excellent, high quality stuff totally makes sense. This Swedish commando delivers nothing but total raging, christ slashing, blasphemous Black Metal here with utter insanity. “Devilry” is a great example how brutal infernal Metal must sound like! Right from the start this horde takes no prisoners and blasts through the tracks that it is a real pleasure. Both musicians are totally fit on their instruments and deliver us one razor sharp, aggressive riff after another. The drums hit fast forward without mercy. The vocal department is brillant, a blackish yet brutal performance. The pace of all the tracks is very fast. While other squads have problems when it comes to harsh, fast paced music FUNERAL MIST remain extremely tight. Just listen to killer tunes like ‘Nightsight Phantom’, ‘Funeral Mist’ or ‘Hellspell 2’. Such violent, brutal and dark anthems are the spear in christ’s rips. The sound quality is powerful and brutal and leaves nothing to be desired. Due to that fact the guitar totally shreds here. What a massacre! The six tracks of the MCD are enhanced by the bands 1996 demo “Havoc” which includes four tracks which also offer first class Black Metal. “Deviliry” is highly recommend to those who are into brutal high speed Black Metal. This CD is a must have item. Contact the band at or the label at

Michael Oelschlegel

Michael Oelschlegel

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