Avto De Fe
(Blood Harvest Records)

It’s South American Death Metal time with INFERNAL CONJURATION’s 2nd output, a 7” EP to be released through Swedish Blood Harvest Records. As follow up to their cool "Tremendous Plague" demo this new release goes in the same direction: old school Death Metal with a huge dose of South American rawness. This time I even feel that the influence of old SARCOFAGO (I.N.R.I.-era) and MYSTIFIER is quite high during the songs next to the mentioned influences from my review of their demo (old SEPULTURA, POSSESSED, MORBID ANGEL or SADISTIC INTENT). ‘Avto De Fe’ is not only the title of this 7" EP, it’s the intro of this release and hypnotizing us with its final Christian Latin sentence "In nomine patris et filii et spiritus sancti" before the crude old school massacre starts with the first real song ‘Demonic Possession’. A fast tune, raw and crude with a huge South American Death Metal vibe. Whereas the guitar work is very good and the vocals are just killing I have some complaints about the rather untight drumming here. Next is the 2nd and last full song called ‘Zatanazombie’ which starts quite atmospheric until their singer Emmanuel screams out the contrary to the start of ‘Demonic Possession’: "In nomine dei nostri satanas, luciferi excelsi" and after that the brutal force rages supreme again. It’s amazing stuff here, as I said the drums could be more tight and the sound isn’t really top notch, nevertheless a brutal piece of South American massacre is left and the right dose for you old school maniacs out there and another prove for the right choice from Rodrigo / Blood Harvest to release a 7" EP with this cool band. Available at Bandcontact through their myspacepage

Thomas Ehrmann

Thomas Ehrmann

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