First Enslavement
(DieHard Music)

I’ve never really been a big fan of the Danish Death Metal scene (even though there might be a handful exceptions, like INIQUITY, THORIUM etc.) and KOLDBORN certainly won’t manage to change that either. The main problem that I have with almost all of them is the fact that they very often incorporate modern groove Metal or Hardcore elements into the traditional brutal Death Metal sound – and I can’t stand that at all! On the other hand – when it comes to the musicianship and / or production of the Danish bands, there’s rarely something to complain about. It almost seems that all the musicians over there pick up an instrument right after they have learned to say ‘mummy’… KOLDBORN is still a kinda new band to the scene that names DIVINE EMPIRE and ENTOMBED as influences and they label their own style as “Groove’n’Grind”. Luckily they aren’t as annoying as their aforementioned countrymates due to the fact that the Death Metal they perform (with the usual top notch quality) not constantly gets poisoned by those outside influences. But that doesn’t mean that are really a band I would like to listen to more often. Everything just sounds to predictable and wellknown and is totally lacking the real brutality and dark blasphemous atmosphere that makes “true” (yeah, I hate to use that word as well, but…) Death Metal acts so fascinating. Plus – the use of additional female vocals (in two of songs) completely sucks! So, all in all this is an ok type offering (especially if you get a free copy of it, like me), but definitely not something I would consider investing my money in.

Frank Stöver

Frank Stöver

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