The Uncanny Valley
(Listenable Records)

I got this album from our head editor Frank "where are the fucking reviews???" Stöver and actually haven’t heard anything of these guys before but it seems that they have been pounding the scene for quite a while now. Basically what KOLDBORN offers is heavily downtuned catchy-like Death Metal that strongly suggests a Scandinavian breath in which the mid-tempo reigns supreme with ocassional bursts of extremity. As a reference I could mention CARNAL FORGE, HATESPHERE, PANZERCHRIST for instance and maybe not that thrashy-sounding like some of them. Although I consider this band fairly average I must admit they possess a certain vibe which is really enchanting and allow an enjoyable listening experience. Luckly enough they don’t sound like pathetic IN FLAMES. An interesting selling point is that they have members from renowed bands like HATESPHERE and DENIAL OF GOD. So, if it gets your way you definitely have a good reason to check it out. Get this album at: www.myspace.com/listenable.

Mario Cubero

Mario Cubero

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