The Hellenic Terror
(Xtreem Music)

KRONOS! I thought it was a Black Metal band, but hell – this is very far away from my expectation! The only reason why they chose KRONOS as the band’s name is their lyrics which are dealing with Greek mythology since the first album. As it was stated by the label, KRONOS is super-amazing and they are the mega-brutal French masters of Death Metal!! Yes, I really do agree with that! KRONOS is really fucking brutal!! “The Hellenic Terror” is high class, brutal Death Metal with technical guitars, crushing bass and blasbeat drumming. But note that the double-bass drumming isn’t just useless blasting as it also sounds old school. The vocals are a mix of Kataklysm and Suffocation, and there’s also some Black Metal shrieking. The music got a lot of inspiration from Suffocation, Decapitated, old Cryptopsy and Vader, so “The Hellenic Terror” is highly recommended for Death Metal fans. You’ll miss one of the best Death Metal albums of 2007 if you ignore this one!



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