Titan's Awakening
(Warpath Records)

Unfortunately I’m completely lacking in info when it comes to these French Deathgrinders, so I can’t tell you much about the band’s activities prior to the release of this 12-track full length. But anyway, “Titan’s Awakening” was sent to us together with “Decadence & Lust” by KRONOS’ countrymen DEPRAVED, for the simple reason that both share the same label. Other than that, both bands are playing a very Grind influenced brutal form of Metal and DEPRAVED’s frontman Kristof also contributes guest growls to the track ‘Demence Of The Gnomish Warriors’ on this album, so I suppose there must be a quite friendly relationship going on between all of them. But unlike DEPRAVED, which I didn’t like at all, KRONOS not only come up with a better looking cover art, musically they luckily deliver a way more convincing album as well. Their Death Metal influence is a lot stronger and therefore you’re getting a more varied and technically way better executed form of sheer brutality. The vocals are guttural as fuck, partly interrupted by high screams and the band found a good way to combine complex songstructures with intensity, without ever sounding too technical. This is basically straight into your face and heavy as fuck grinding Death Metal – nothing more, nothing less! With “Titan’s Awakening” KRONOS managed to proof that there’s still bands from France these days that are worth checking out. Contact and ordering info:

Frank Stöver

Frank Stöver

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