Dying Light Ov God
(Blood Harvest Records)

Here we got another band directly starting their career with a 7" EP. Blood Harvest Records is usually a proof for good releases and that’s the case here, too. What you can expect is chaotic Death Metal with a sound quality above the average and the musical skill of the band is really on top. Many breaks, slow parts, break, blastbeat, break, groove part, break. Actually this seven inch is pretty good and I have a good feeling for their upcoming outputs. Right now, the only thing to complain is that I miss the songs a little bit. Guess you know what I mean? Because of all the breaks and changes the song itself isn’t that clear to figure out. Anyhow, I don’t know the origin of the band but read they played in the band ADORIOR before. As I don’t know this band I can’t compare them with them. What LVCIFYRE offers on the 2 tracks of this 7" EP is evil sounding chaotic Death Metal, a good start for these newcomers and another prove for the good nose of the outstanding label Blood Harvest Records. One thing: is it possible that the stickers on the 7" EP are swapped? Side A has the sticker of side B and vice versa? Available from

Thomas Ehrmann

Thomas Ehrmann

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