I Breathe Hell

The blood-covered Finns in MÖRBID VOMIT are back with another 4-track CD-EP, and this time they are breathing hell more than ever. MÖRBID VOMIT released their debut 4-tracker last year, and back then already, I sincerely was predicting some label would snap them real soon. Well, undoubtedly some offers were thrown on the table by labels but instead of signing to any of them yet, MÖRBID VOMIT chose to build up their own profile just a little bit more by self-releasing another 4 songs on their own in this CD-EP format. On "I Breathe Hell", these morbid sounding Finns perform first class old school Death Metal, counting on some traditions that this genre has to offer. Midpaced, heavy parts is where MÖRBID VOMIT operate most of the time, wrapping them up with extremely catchy melody lines that really bring some very necessary yet vital character around their songs. ‘Engulfed By The Plague’, the opener of this EP, must be one of most carefully crafted songs these fellows have ever penned down during their career thus far. It’s catchy as hell, full of enjoyable ingredients that already made their last year’s demo so easy to digest. Then again, just take any of their other 3 songs on this release in comparison with ‘Engulfed…’, and you will see that ominous and intense atmospheres are definitely something MÖRBID VOMIT can create amazingly easily through their stuff like that would be the only thing they can do properly enough within the stench of rotten corpses-oozing and bombastic Death Metal. By the topnotch quality of the band’s past and present stuff, MÖRBID VOMIT are seriously yet so well-deservedly becoming one of my favorite Finnish Death Metal acts. Got interested? If so, here’s the url where you can get all current yet essential information about your next heroes in Death Metal. No need to thank me later either. www.facebook.com/morbidvomit

Luxi Lahtinen

Luxi Lahtinen

MÖRBID VOMIT - Doctrine Of Violence (Mindaugas 'Plix' Lapinskas)
MÖRBID VOMIT - Demo 2012 (Luxi Lahtinen)

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