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Ireland is one of most beautiful islands of the world, musically a place with quite an active underground but if it comes to bands which can offer a more or less international reputation there are only a few names to advise – without being too pessimistic there is only one band with this “primordial” status these days. In 2007 the Irish act MAEL MORDHA has impressed maybe not only myself with their Grau Records debut “Gealtacht Mael Mordha” (the “official” debut has been released in 2005 via the Hammerheart Records’ follow up Karmageddon Media) and in 2010 the voyage continues with album number three. The waves are raging, the next storm is approaching and the band is presenting a very convincing release full of typical Irish trademarks – heart blood and passion. Over the years the MAEL MORDHA sound has not dramatically changed because the band has already found their niche within the current underground scene and “Manannan” are further 45 minutes of their understanding of Galish Doom Metal. Translated into common European standards we are talking about a mixture of Doom & Black Metal with some slight Pagan elements mainly through the traditional instruments. The biggest love/hate factor is for sure their singer Roibeard O Bogail who is giving the MAEL MORDHA sound the necessary diversity even if you need some time to get used to his vocal interpretations. This release is everything else than a mere disappointment and every fan of the big names of Irish Extreme Metal will for sure find a new friend in MAEL MORDHA.,

Matthias Auch

Matthias Auch

MAEL MORDHA - Gealtacht Mael Mordha (Stefan Hagmayer)

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