Calcaneal Tendon Pendulum

Just when thought you’ve heard it all and there will be no more band to really confuse you, the next new landmark in extremity comes just around the corner. The over the edge Thrash duo MANIFESTOR from Gothenburg really caught my attention three years ago with their second demo “Old Monster”. Their interpretation of how Thrash Metal should sound pleased my ears and left me wait for more to come. A felt eternity later, Hatetriot and Asbest are here with new stuff, five new songs on an independently released tape EP. But I did not expect something like this! “Calcaneal Tendon Pendulum” is not just one step, it is quite a marathon further in evolution, it is revolution. The five short ultra hyperblast eruptions left me breathless any time I heard them, puzzled and confused where the heck this comes from. The opening ‘Homage To the Ugly’ is already hard to catch, oversized Thrash Metal with Black influences that reminds me of an overdosed DESASTER song. But it won’t get any easier than this, since the title track is completely confusing hyperspeed action, with a song structure that’s far from comprehensible. And the best way to describe ‘Proclamation To The Shrunken Sun’ is: Black Thrash meets the Chaos theories! Starting a little more laid back, in terms of this EP, this one unsettles the listener with odd riffing and a sick acoustic break. ‘Evil Hubris’ is a little more calming in the beginning, despite the fact that it a speed massacre. But within seconds, this song turns out to be another sickly structured slap in every face. And the highlight of it all is yet to come. The final ‘The Crown, The Fascist Karma’ is the redefinition of what Noisecore is and will further be. This one is a pure grinding chaos, completely excessive and a cornucopia of crass ideas. Just mentioning the “sicker than SLAYER” guitar solo and the VOIVODesque disharmonies in the end. “Calcaneal Tendon Pendulum” is nothing less than a lethal overdose of dissonance. I am not quite sure whether I should love this EP or not, but I can’t help to admire MANIFESTOR for this (r)evolution. Thus I leave up to you to find out if you’re ready for “Calcaneal Tendon Pendulum”. Try: to be on the safe side. Or contact: if you are risky.

Thomas Meyer

Thomas Meyer

MANIFESTOR - Old Monster (Thomas Meyer)

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