Old Monster

We all know that Sweden is a great source for great music. No other country seems to have more bands than inhabitants. And lots of them are very good. MANIFESTOR is another fine band from the land of the thousand bands. Two hopeful young guys, Hatetriot and Asbest, share their vision of how Thrash Metal should sound, with "Old Monster" being their second Demo after "I Was A Teenage Graverobber" two years ago. And their vision makes Thrash Metal sound very aggressive and raw and always a little over the edge. But this overexcitement make these three songs stick out of the mainstream, leaving a mark in Thrash. Sometimes MANIFESTOR remind me a little bit of the crazy stuff CRANIUM did, for both bands are a little confusing when you hear it first. But after a few more runs, you can’t escape the peculiar charm of songs like the furious opener ‘Black Sabbath’ or the crazy title track. I hope they can save this special spirit for later releases and maybe a full length album. If they do, it could be a new wind in the Thrash scene. If you are interested, contact Asbest at:, and be quick, for there are only 100 copies made of this tape.

Thomas Meyer

Thomas Meyer

MANIFESTOR - Calcaneal Tendon Pendulum (Thomas Meyer)

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