Promo 2015

Finland. A country whose Death Metal is endlessly imitated and praised the world over. Listening to this band MASK OF SATAN and knowing they are Finnish, my expectations soar understandably high and I am not disappointed. This promo is the first release of theirs and as good as it is already, I’m sure it can only get better for these guys. I’m a big fan of the guitar solos which remind me of GOREAPHOBIA solos because of their abstract, time-bending qualities. Their Death Metal is what I expect to hear from Finland most of the time: mid-paced, heavy and catchy riffs with a suffocating, cavernous atmosphere, and that’s what you get here from MASK OF SATAN. This is a promo and quite short. My favorite song is the third one, ‘Asmodeus’. This is a great example of this band’s talent. It’s moody, plodding, and menacing plus it contains yet another of those great guitar solos I mentioned. The final song and title track, ‘Mask Of Satan’, has to be my second favorite since it’s similar to the previous one and contains lots of cool riffs and changes. I wish there was more material on this promo so I could talk about it longer but this is all there is. I encourage everyone to check this band out because this promo is damn good and I think they can only get better.,

Nathan Shapiro

Nathan Shapiro

MASK OF SATAN - Silent Servants (Chants Of Lovecraftian... (Michael Kujawska)

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