(Terratur Possessions / Ván Records)

With MISOTHEIST, we have a new band that leaves their listeners in absolute ignorance about their backgrounds. The only thing known about them is the fact that they are from Trondheim in Norway. So they let the music do all of the talking. And this music is damn fine Black Metal with all the anger, grim and darkness that we all need, combined with finesse and gloom. Their first, self-titled album contains just three very long songs that all pass the ten minute mark. Yet the length of the songs is never any problem, since all of them are not only full of black ambience but also know to captivate with breaks and diversity. The first song ‘Carriers Of Captivity’ starts off as a melodic pitch black massacre, but a disturbing, rather spooky middle-part pulls the listener out of the comfort zone. An acoustic intro with a Middle Eastern vibe heralds the beginning of the epic ‘Beast And Soil’, a churning black maelstrom full of guitars that stir up the soul. The short break towards the end somehow helps to calm down and leads to a more harmonic end of the song. With the final, twelve minute monster ‘Blood Of Rats’ MISOTHEIST take the listener on the last journey through the chasms of the dark, in a monumental intensity that somehow reminds of SATYRICON at their best. Thus ends an epic dark masterpiece full of abysses and blackness. With this untitled album, MISOTHEIST delivered us one late highlight of the fading year 2018. In case you feel addressed, visit: www.terraturpossessions.com for more.

Thomas Meyer

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