Vessels By Which The Devil Is Made Flesh
(Terratur Possessions)

I must say for myself it’s been a while since I have heard this type of sound coming from Norway. MISOTHEIST has been on the periphery of my aural radar for a bit now. There is one main reason why, but we will get to that later. What we have here is the latest from the sole member (it seems) B. Kråbøl. An EP with only three songs, but carries a 40-minute runtime. One song is a tad under 20 minutes so you get to wondering can the music hold your attention. On initial listens I will say for the most part it does. While jumping into this for the first time I was getting shades of GEHENNA via the ‘Admiron Black’ and ‘Murder’ era. Just not has bludgeoning, but along the more atmospheric lines. Also, the vocalist has, I think, a more monotone roar / growl and doesn’t vary too much. So besides the aforementioned GEHENNA comparison, there is another much more prominent sound / influence. That of DEATHSPELL OMEGA. Not get ready to hate me dear readers, but I’ve never really been a fan of DEATHSPELL OMEGA. A bit on their first two releases, but as time progressed I have become much more blase about them. I know many are now screaming sacrilege! But I stand by my (personal) views. So with MISOTHEIST having that readily apparent sound connection it made me not avidly a buyer of their releases. Now I will say this release has a bit more variation in sound and dynamics that make me much more inclined to have a few more listens to this release. Another reason for having my interest piqued on this release, and I will now get ready for more hate mail and maybe from the band themselves, but I hear a bit of sporadic Post-Black sound in the songs. I will say it is much more prominent on track # 3, ‘Whitewashed Tombs’. So there you go, not a bad release and the production is up to par, even giving off a cold atmosphere in its overall sound. So if some of the above bands interest you, give them a listen. www.facebook.com/terraturpossessions

Will “Bones” Lee

Will "Bones" Lee

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