Hacked Up For Barbecue / Zombie Apocalypse
(Relapse Records)

If you ask me MORTICIAN always have been one of those love it / hate it things, although I really can’t understand people who worship this trite mixture of ultra low growls, primitive severly detuned guitar riffs and the frequent use of a drum computer which just sucks. The best part of MORTICIAN are always the horror movie intros, haha… well, it’s a matter of taste. This CD contains the first full length album "Hacked Up For Barbecue" (originally released in 1996) and the "Zombie Apocalypse" MCD (originally released in 1998) altogether 32 tracks of bloodthirsty brutal Death / Grind that initiated the whole Death Metal meets drumming machines movement, which is just ridiculous. I think MORTICIAN started it and it is disputable if that was a good or a bad thing, fans of the band will already own these now reissued offerings, newcomers might like to check them out and even though I’m not a fan of this band I have to admit that they started something new in the early 90s and deserve their cult status, but there is always "good" cult and "bad" cult. To people who like to hear MORTICIAN with a drummer "The Final Bloodbath Session" might be of interest – just a small tip. Visit for some sound files or for additional information.

Stefan Franke

Stefan Franke

MORTICIAN - House By The Cemetery / Mortal Massacre (Stefan Franke)
MORTICIAN - Domain Of Death (Ramon Claassen )

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