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Even after more than 15 years the Voices crew is still worshipping the cult of Swedish Death Metal – and releases like this one are the best prove for our dedication. After a long break MY OWN GRAVE are finally presenting their second full length “Necrology” (the MCD “Unholy” also released via Pulverised Records in spring 2007 was their last sign of life) and after listening to this monster for the first time I was really speechless. The Swedish band has recorded a more than impressing album – 11 killer brutal Death Metal tracks, perfect sound presented on a enormous technical level. Don’t expect any kind of standard songs or filler, the Unisound recording by the nowadays simple called ‘maestro’ Mr.Dan Swanö was the prefect choice for this release. Every instrument has equal rights (within the recording) and if it comes to the killer drums within the song ‘Exhumed To Be buried’ or the countless solos the maestro shows his knowledge. This is a Death Metal manifest which shows that our music has the potential to survive even WW III as long as there are bands like MY OWN GRAVE. I could write endlessly about “Necrology” but the music is a far better ambassador for this release – just listen to ‘Disciples Of War’ (with slight BOLT THROWER influences) and every maniac will immediately be possessed by this release. Again a Pulverised Records release which deserves the full attention of every Voices reader!,

Matthias Auch

Matthias Auch

MY OWN GRAVE - Unholy (Mirco Szymslik)

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