The Hell Patrol
(Evil Spell Records / Undercover Records)

From Greece we have the second album of these bastard sons of MOTÖRHEAD and VENOM. I could stop here as with those two words there is no need to go further in trying to describe what will you hear here, right? But then again, that is not the point, although if you like those bands you can start google-ing it right now. Just looking at the song titles like ‘Motörheadbanger’ or ‘Evil Rock’n’Roll’ and I am sure you will know what we are talking about. Yes, they can be labelled Black / Thrash, and will fit with countless other bands in there. I can recall maybe like 50 other bands playing a similar style… and you know what? Like an old Metaller I DO NOT CARE! Put it simply, this rocks hard and deserves to have a beer in one hand and a doing the devil horns with the other! The production is very well done to the style and I must add they do have some pretty good solos! After a few listenings you will be able to discover old METALLICA and old RUNNING WILD touches here and there, so I would say this is actually a pretty good Speed Metal band and while it will not stand among the countless bands playing a similar style, I am sure this is some of the best in the style. This one is released on tape, CD and vinyl, so there is no reason for you not to get it and crank it up.,

Julián “Metal from Hell” Núñez

Julián “Metal from Hell” Núñez

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