Defiler Of Hope
(Xtreem Music)

Although I’m sure some reviewers get sadistic joy from giving negative reviews, let me assure you that I get very little pleasure from it. After all, I was in a Death Metal band myself, and I know first-hand about the struggle: tedious rehearsals of the same songs again and again, toleration of cokehead  / alcoholic band members, fights with your fucking girlfriend, time away from your family / other interests, and ridiculous studio expenses (not to mention loading gear, to-and-from gigs). However, as a fan in the underground, I also get upset when I feel mislead by overly positive reviews. Thus, I have to be honest about this recording – it’s a dud. Unlike the recent, nasty new album from VERMINOUS (also on the Xtreem Music label), this EP by ONIROPHAGUS is an exercise in monotony. The style is predominantly the fusing of ASPHYXy Doom segments with random fits of blast beats. The heavy guitars and bass almost distract from the ‘type writer’ – triggered drums, but the less-than-macabre riffing makes this 34 minute MCD seem twice as long. In the future, I think ONIROPHAGUS should pursue a more pure Doom / Death direction – with an analogue production – and excise the blast parts entirely. Sorry guys, I hate to be a ‘defiler of hope’, but the old school Death Metal scene is bursting at the seams with average bands. You need to attack stronger next time… www.facebook.com/onirophagus, www.xtreemmusic.com

Dick Osmond

Dick Osmond

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