Serenity Through Pain
(Displeased Records)

I love this band… I love this kind of Grindcore! Pure, absolutely brutal, fast as hell and with those slower and depressive parts in the middle of each song. 23 tracks in 45 minutes of immensely BRUTAL (yeah… “BRUTAL” with capitals!!!) Grindcore in the best American tradition!!! If you’re into bands like EXCRUCIATING TERROR, ASSUCK and the likes, you’re going to enjoy this as much as I’ve done. This new offering is much more varied anyway than its predecessor “Destroying The Masses” or the previous one “Means Of Existence” and maybe it’s a bit more controlled than the usual “Grind your fucking head out, you bastard!!!” style they used to do in their early days, and I’m not sure if I prefer it this way or the old one, but the fact is that this record is completely essential if you’re into brutal Grindcore music. Forget about boring Gore-clone music, forget those semi-Hardcore-self-proclaimed Grind bands, even forget the Death Metal thing over here… We are talking about some serious head splitting, crushing brutality here! Nothing more and nothing else!!! Take it or leave it!!! Grindcore rules!!!



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