Antichrist Above
(Godz Ov War Productions)

This Peruvian three piece act was not on my radar. Hailing from the wonderful Lima, PUTRID is a Thrash / Death / Black Metal band composed by Evil Avatar on guitars and vocals, Drum Major of War on drums and Sacrificer on bass guitar. They have just released their second full-length under Poland’s Godz Ov War Productions. Its title? “Antichrist Above”. Hearing this stuff, the first thing I noticed was their strongest influence: MORBID ANGEL. Yes, riffs and drumming is pure “Covenant” worship, while the guitar solos are more in the “Blessed Are The Sick” vein. Tracks like the opening ‘Warfare In Golgotha’, ‘A Cursed From The Chalice’ or ‘The Corpse Of The Messiah’ are some good examples of what I’m saying. Another good reference would be ANGELCORPSE. So, this is pure old school influenced stuff. Everything is well balanced in terms of sounding and the general performance is properly done here. The music is brutal, fast and has the distinctive South American feeling that can be found in acts like their countrymates MORTEM, HADEZ or Chile’s ATOMIC AGGRESSOR. If you are into the aforementioned acts this will be a good new purchase for your brutal collection of putrid Metal of Death. Get a copy from here www.godzovwar.com. You can follow this brutal South American triumvirate here: www.facebook.com/putridattacks. Label contact: www.godzovwar.com

Miguel Negrón

Miguel Negrón

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