Demo MMX
(Detest Records)

It seems that a there is a rebirth for filthy Death Metal…as it can be a fashion…bands are now releasing demos on old tape format, and claiming influences form bands up to mid 90s. While it was an epoch I do enjoyed immensely, this can also became a fake fashion for acceptance. The line that divides this is quite thin…enter PUTRID from Sweden…not to be confused with the other PUTRID that later become GOD FORSAKEN and were from Finland…weird is that both PUTRID bands have some common things…well, being Death Metal both, one more doomy and this one from the Swedes goes into a faster approach. Ok, on to the Swedes, influences range from REPULSION, AUTOPSY, early DEATH and to my ears also NECROVORE and early PESTILENCE can be named. Still, not one of the 3 chants of death included here, has a very long lasting appeal. The riffs are quite morbid, their guitars downtuned as hell, the vocals are tortuous screams of murder, yet there is something missing…and at the same time there is also place for a lot of promising future. If this was an album or the band had released a lot of previous efforts (this being their second demo) I would say they cannot give anything else. But, no, this band takes the word demo as it is supposed to be, it shows them in a raw, primitive stage that will surely evolve. And no, I do not want them to evolve into a technical mass of riffs or such nonsense…if they are able to deliver this dark aura their music has, with hooking riffs (and I refer to hooks as those hanging dead bodies) then they are up for something great. As a demo, it accomplishes well its target. So, no matter that the music presented here is still not that great, you can almost smell (the blood) that there are greater things to come. It is on Detest Records, a young but very promising label that I foresee within a great (yet rotten) future. www.myspace.com/putriddeath, www.detestrecords.com

Julián Núñez

Julián Núñez

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