Live In Munich 1977
(Eagle Vision)

I’m not quite sure if a re-issue of this DVD was already necessary only seven years after its original release in 2006, especially considering the fact that the only additional feature on this new edition is the 11:48min long feature "Rainbow over Texas". But does that mean that "Live In Munich 1977" is a bad release? Not at all! It is actually a total classic and a must have for every fan of this legendary band! The main part of the DVD is a full RAINBOW show (total playing time: 113:03min!), that was recorded on October 20, on their 1977 European tour at the Olympiahalle, in Munich (Germany) for the German television show "Rockpalast". This is unfortunately the only RAINBOW show that was ever offically recorded on film, featuring the classic Ronnie James Dio / Richie Blackmore / Cozy Powell line-up. The stage also features the massive rainbow, which changes colors throughout the songs and perfectly underlines the band’s chosen monicker. The setlist only consists of the following 8 songs, but due to the fact that the band turned the whole event into a massive long jam session, each one of them got extended to the max: ‘Kill The King’, DEEP PURPLE’s ‘Mistreated’, ‘Sixteenth Century Greensleeves’, ‘Catch The Rainbow’, ‘Long Live Rock’n’Roll’, ‘Man On The Silver Mountain’, ‘Still I’m Sad’ and ‘Do You Close Your Eyes’. The absolute highlight certainly being ‘Still I’m Sad’ (extended to almost 30 minutes this particular night). It opens with a fantastic keyboard intro, courtesy of newly recruited David Stone (he even incorporates parts of the "Rising" classic ‘Stargazer’ into it, which unfortunately is missing in the setlist) and later explodes with an incredible drum solo from drumming powerhouse Cozy Powell, who’s backed up by a piece of classical music (Tchaikovsky’s ‘1812 Overture’), while the man in black himself, Mr. Richie Blackmore, already incorporates parts of ‘Beethoven’s Ninth’ in one of his incredible and unique solos, an idea which he returned to again years later in the titletrack of the "Difficult To Cure" album. To me Ronnie James Dio’s vocal delivery always was at its best during his RAINBOW years. He was nothing but pure magic and easily proves that in all of the songs. This little gentleman not only had one of the most powerful voices in Rock music, he was also one of the kindest frontmen ever, who easily managed to motivate the audience to sing along, even to songs they weren’t yet aware of at the time (the title track of the "Long Live Rock’n’Roll" album was still to be released a couple of months later). So, he (as well as the amazing Cozy Powell) will sadly be missed forever! Blackmore himself ends the incredible show by crushing his guitar on the floor and spinning it around until he throws it into the audience, which had just experienced one of the greatest shows on earth! And we’re all really lucky that this magical event has been videotaped for eternity! Besides the already mentioned newly added "Rainbow over Texas" feature, the bonus section offers interviews with bass player Bob Daisley (21:08min) and tour manager Colin Hart (9:54min), the band’s 3 promotional videos for ‘Long Live Rock’n’Roll’, ‘Gates Of Babylon’ and ‘L.A. Connection’ (all of them recorded live in a studio, so they’re a little different than the actual album versions that later appeared on "Long Live Rock’n’Roll") and a massive picture gallery / slide show with audio commentary (which lasts additional 39:50min). Essential! You can check out several clips of the show here. All further information at www.facebook.com/pages/rainbow/189246591087656, www.eagle-rock.com.

Frank Stöver

Frank Stöver

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