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Two years ago REBAELLIUN produced with “Burn The Promised Land” an album which can be considered as an absolute masterpiece. I listen to it myself on a regular basis so I expected very much from “Annihilation”, the sophomore real effort from the Brazilian maniacs, and I know I am not alone in this case. Well, let’s say that “Annihilation” is a monument of violence, a behemoth of technical abilities (especially the drumming and the guitar soloing are phenomenal!), a furious assault of blasphemous music made by four possessed musicians. But that said, and after listening to the album again and again these last few days, I can’t help but to find myself a little disappointed. Understand me well, “Annihilation” is an essential purchase, no need to discuss that any further. It is not every day an album of this quality comes out. But simply, I feel the band have lost something of their composing abilities. All the tracks on “Annihilation” sound equally fast and furious, and this wall of sound effect is boring after a while. The band showed more variety on their first album, and managed to break the fast pace with slower and not less intense moments (‘Flagellation Of Christ’, the finale of ‘Hell Decree’). The key of extreme impact lies in contrast, and REBAELLIUN seem to have forgot that. And I am not convinced by the production handled by Andy Classen either; it may sound clearer and more powerful than what you can find on “Burn The Promised Land”, but the (old) slayeresque quality of this said album, on which the two guitars are more fused together and the sound is consequently more compact, suits the REBAELLIUN style better. There is only a real standout track on “Annihilation”, that is ‘Unborn Consecration’, which sounds very fresh, and I hope the band will explore this kind of composing way further in the future. REBAELLIUN sound these days sometimes too close to KRISIUN for comfort, a trap they avoided to fall into with their first. What you can excuse from a good band becomes irritating with an excellent one! Buy and die anyway!

Edouard Vergriete

Edouard Vergriete

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