Expedition: Darkness
(Ferocious Records)

The Swedes from RIMFROST are around for quite a while now, having released three albums, two EPs and two demos since their foundation in 2002. Yet they never really crossed my path before. And listening to their newest, fourth full length album “Expedition: Darkness”, I had mixed emotions in the beginning. On the one hand I was quite impressed on the variety of ideas RIMFROST added to their Black Metal based sound. Yes, there are some hints on Death, Folk and especially Classic Metal, as well as keyboard parts and Thrash influences, making “Expedition: Darkness” a pretty diversified sounding album. On the other hand this mix sounds like it was designed to please an audience that digs bands like SABATON or POWERWOLF. The whole album has a distinctive touch of artificialty. Especially the keyboards and the catchiness of some choruses are on the edge of cheesiness, or even beyond that border. Honestly, songs like the title track or ‘Natten’ are pretty hard to bear. So, after listening to “Expedition: Darkness” a few times, I am more and more of the opinion that this album is a case of wasted resources. For more band information visit www.facebook.com/rimfrostofficial, label contact: www.facebook.com/ferocious-records-303267749801602

Thomas Meyer

Thomas Meyer

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