A Frozen World Unknown
(No Colours Records)

I have to admit that I’m pretty surprised by the quality of the last two recordings I got from No Colours Records. The first band which kinda blew me away was THORON, but this band, RIMFROST, is by no means worse than the other one. This Swedish horde plays some kind of extreme Black Metal with Thrash and Death Metal influences, that’s at least what their label claims them to be and I can only agree with them. It’s extreme Black Metal, not extreme in the way that they only play fast and brutal, they often play in midpaced speed, very groovy, varied and tight with great dark melody lines and from time to time remind me on slower IMMORTAL. Especially their vocalist makes me think on Abbath! But that’s nothing negative here as the brand of Metal they are playing is pretty original and I really can’t compare them so much to any other band at all. That’s nothing usual for the debut album of a band. So my advice is to check them out or at least listen to the song sample No Colours offers on their labelsite and make up your own picture! Now I will have a listen to their CD again while you should have a look on www.no-colours-records.de and support the frozen world unknown of RIMFROST.

Thomas Ehrmann

Thomas Ehrmann

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