Issue # 10
(52 pages, A4, printed, in German)

Wow, I didn’t really expect to see SKULLCRUSHER # 10 to be released so quick after its predecessor, but Harald, Christian, Daniel and their other pleasure slaves obviously managed to prove me wrong here. Layout- and printing-wise they maintained the high quality of # 9 and even added 4 additional pages to this new issue of pure Metal Mayhem! Usually I prefer the more narrowminded zines, that tend to focus on one musical direction within the boundaries of Metal exclusively, but SKULLCRUSHER is nevertheless a good address for pure reading entertainment. My personal highlights in this tenth edition are definitely the in-depth interviews with good ol’ Quorthon of BATHORY, OVERKILL and EXODUS, while I could easily live without all the "fun stuff" ("Deutschland sucht den Metalstar" and "Metal World Cup", which already eats up 12 pages in total!). But if you’re bored of all the music only zines, you might judge this differently of course… What else do we have here? Well, there’s the second part of the amusing SKULLCRUSHER magazine history (4 pages), which they started in issue # 9 and interview features on CRYPTIC VOICES, WASTELAND, CALLENISH CIRCLE, BRAINSTORM, CHILDREN OF BODOM, HELLOWEEN and so on. Seven pages of reviews, a really cool coverart (courtesy of Dragon Design) and a free 16 track compilation CD of Insanity Records complete the picture. Got curious? Then send 3,-Euro (ppd.) to the following address: Harald Deschler, Jörgstr. 9, 88410 Bad Wurzach, Germany,,

Frank Stöver

Frank Stöver

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