Issue # 13
(46 pages, A4, printed, in German)

Seems like the guys of SKULLCRUSHER have enough endurance to run their fanzine, this is after all number 13, and as far as I can judge (most previous releases are unknown to me) they have not changed their style. Obviously they are still Metal-lunatics, a fact that is most evident when reading this zine. Metal for the Metals, to put it in a short form. As usually the whole Metal-spectrum is covered, Black / Death Metal, Thrash / Power Metal, all different Metal-styles. The bands are not just underground, but also wellknown acts are featured in both review and the interview section. In this issue especially the SODOM and the DEATH BY DAWN interviews are worth mentioning. You will not find such in-depth interviews with Tom Angelripper and Martin van Drunen in the "bigger" magazines. The other interviews (DARKTHRONE, CELTIC FROST, URSURPER, POWERWOLF and more) and reviews are also done with great enthusiasm. Some pages are counted among the department "funny / humor", but to be honest, it is not my kind of humor. But that is just four pages, no big deal if you do not like this. So in fact nothing has really changed, the same quality like you are used to. The price has not changed either, send your 3€ to SkullCrusher Magazine, c/o Harald Dreschler, Waldmösle 1, 79112 Freiburg, Germany.

Mirco Szymyslik

Mirco Szymyslik

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