V - Oceans
(Code666 Records)

SLOW is a very appropriate moniker for the music which this Belgian based Funeral Doom entity delivers at a glacial pace. Crushing monstrous riffs SLOWly ooze out of the speakers, accompanied by rumbling bass lines and percussion that makes a funeral march sound quite uptempo and jolly in comparison, which is all topped off with strong deep growled vocals. This is very weighty and powerful in both sound and atmosphere, instantly bringing a feeling of dread and despair, and it has an overall sound which can be best and simply described as oppressive. SLOW do not make for easy listening that is for sure, but such music is not meant to be easily accessible nor easily digested by those hearing it. It is a dreary soundtrack of complete and utter despondency. The crushing funereal snail paced heaviness does give way to some serene clean guitar passages, but that serenity is soon shattered by another onslaught of heaving huge riffage, pounding percussion and grotesque growls. What makes this very impressive is that all instruments and vocals were recorded by one person. Abandon all hope ye who enter here… prepare to meet thy DOOM!!,

Kat “Shevil” Gillham

Kat "Shevil" Gillham

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