Live In London
(Spitfire Records)

This is a great one! Not only that TESTAMENT played several shows in their original line-up lately (and didn’t even screw it up like many other bands do these days), they furthermore came up with a setlist, that could easily be considered as an old school fan’s wet dream: ‘The Preacher’, ‘The New Order’, ‘The Haunting’, ‘Into The Pit’, ‘Trial By Fire’, ‘Over The Wall’, ‘Disciples Of The Watch’, ‘Raging Waters’ etc. etc. – need I say more? Only classic stuff that originally appeared on the albums "The Legacy" (1987) up till "The Ritual" (1992). Needless to say that the energy that was set free on this live recording easily matches the old days and perfectly showcases that TESTAMENT can still pull it off very easily. Apart from their rather commercial period, these guys never ever delivered material that was disappointing to me – I like their classic Bay Area Thrash in the same way as the more recent, partly rather Death Metal influenced, heavier approach. All in all they still remained pure METAL throughout the years and that really deserves a lot of respect! "Live In London" captures the band in perfect shape and furthermore convinces with a crushing and very powerful sound (also available on DVD). All further info you may find at www.eagle-rock.com.

Frank Stöver

Frank Stöver

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