Seen Between The Lines
(Escapi Music)
approx. 90min

At the time when "Seen Between The Lines" originally got released on VHS (back in 1991), I temporarely had already lost my interest in TESTAMENT and therefore didn’t feel the need to check it out anymore… But over the years TESTAMENT’s songwriting luckily had changed for the better again, so this time the re-release on DVD definitely caught my interest. If you should own the original though you already know most parts of it, as it doesn’t differ too much from the VHS version (except for the bonus section). The basic stuff on "Seen Between The Lines" covers raw live footage of TESTAMENT’s early line-up period (Skolnick, Clemente, Billy, Petersen and Christian), presented in an almost bootleg type quality, so the fact that it got "remastered" is definitely not worth a mention here. The sound quality was (and still is) just average anyway! On the other hand these recordings do reflect TESTAMENT’s live energy way better than any professional, polished release could do. When it comes to the bonus stuff, there’s some additional, private film footage from the band’s trip to Japan, but as the guys have nothing really to say (apart from silly comments and a rather childish overall behaviour) this will most certainly only appeal to the real die hard TESTAMENT worshippers. Same goes for the picture gallery and biography (never understood who’s interested to check out stuff like this on a DVD release). So, the only interesting part (in comparison to the VHS version) are the four additional promo videos for ‘Practice What You Preach’, ‘Souls Of Black’, ‘The Legacy’ and TESTAMENT’s excellent AEROSMITH cover ‘Nobody’s Fault’… all probably wellknown from MTV already, but still cool to have them available at home now ; -) I wouldn’t necessarily say that "Seen Between The Lines" really covers TESTAMENT in their heydays, but it’s still a cool historical document of a (still) very hardworking Thrash act. www.testamentlegions.com, www.escapimusic.com

Frank Stöver

Frank Stöver

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