Exacerbated Gnostic Manifestation
(Ibex Moon Records)

I tell you it never ceases to amaze me the brutality of the South American scene and its bands. The current flood of these acts, "the menstrual flow of a thousand whores", as REPULSION would put it, have me chugging for breath again within the tide! One such clot in that foul bloody mess who keep me from breathing correctly hail from Santiago, Chile and go by the moniker of THORNAFIRE. I have no idea what THORNAFIRE means. Their logo looks something akin to NECROPHOBIC and the cover art to this album seems like some random artist’s take on what Seagrave might have wished to illustrate against the backdrop of the Vatican. That being said what is known of THORNAFIRE is that their disc features an album’s worth, a hefty total of ten original tracks, solid in sound, professional in production and that is as clear and distinct as it is absolute in its punishment! The music here is polished, heavy, technical, brutal Death Metal. THORNAFIRE could easily be regarded as the Chilean answer to KRISIUN or ANGELCORPSE. However, before that can be officially stated and the Crown of Thorns of this title be placed atop their skulls, I need an answer to something.’Cuz unless I have gone severely deaf whilst listening to this CD. Where are the Leads??? There are no leads on this album! How can this be?? No lead guitar work?! Tsk..tsk.. tsk… The CD also carries with it a bonus, an accompanying mini video, studio shot for the album’s closing track ‘Deflagracion’. Contact: THORNAFIRE, General Bulnes 153, Santiago Central, Santiago Chile or or

Wes Rhodes

Wes Rhodes

THORNAFIRE - Magnaa (Julián “La Esencia Invisible” Núñez)
THORNAFIRE - Mortus Tenebrae Surrectus (Frank Stöver)
THORNAFIRE - Eclipse Nox Coagula (Nathan Shapiro)
THORNAFIRE - Vorex Deconstruccion (Nathan Shapiro)

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