Unter Bronzenen Kronen
(AOP Records)

WALDGEFLÜSTER is a German Black Metal band formed in 2006 with no less than seven full lengths in their history and now with a new EP, with four songs, two originals and two covers. The band name translates to forest whispering, so it should give an indication what type of Black Metal we are talking about. Yes, the more atmospheric one, that also has some Folk parts and a mystic aura that connects the souls with earth. The music itself is very well played, and for once very well recorded and yet it retains its raw approach. Melodies are all over the place, but the kind of melancholic type. There is also a strong Post Rock influence, and even I can listen to some old Grunge Rock here and there, but that of the heavier type. And there is also a heavy use of keyboards but done in a second plane yet still noticeable, that is not taking away any of the heaviness yet it adds a lot o more to the atmosphere of the music. The fact that they included a cover of PANOPTICON (a band they had released a split with) also speaks of their nature of their way of Black Metal. Actually this cover is very good, it’s an atmospheric song with all clean vocals, where you can hear that bands like DEPECHE MODE and DEAD CAN DANCE have an influence on both bands. By the way, a lot of the vocals on this release are clean, but they are actually very good and they fit the music right. Evil, grim Black Metal fans will probably run away form this, but the ones more open to a form of still extreme black art, will surely find it interesting and a reason to check out their past catalogue. www.facebook.com/blackmetalwaldgefluester, www.facebook.com/aoprecs

Julián “Black Flies” Núñez

Julián "Black Flies" Núñez

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